RF Online

Frequently asked questions.

1) Problems with registration?

In order to avoid any problems with registration must first of all be defined in the type of registration: the user or administrator of the server. Then follow the instructions.

2) Can not vote, provides new cookies, what to do?

The problem may occur in the following:

  1. Do you have a dynamic IP, and someone had previously voted with your IP address. The solution is to order a static IP, or to vote by SMS.
  2. Your computer is used by other players (such as the Internet club).
  3. You vote prohibited methods (proxy) script.

3) Your server is not active in the rankings?

Most likely your server has not passed moderation, or your server is registered on a free service.

4) I can not vote for the server, what to do?

  1. Maybe you voted for the first time and you have been given cookies.
  2. If the cookie is issued to you again a day later, you will question number 2.

5) Why am I not receiving bonuses in the game for the vote?

  1. Carefully include your nickname in the vote!
  2. For illegal voting methods bonuses are awarded.

6) When sms voting fails?

  1. Check for your service in the list.
  2. Check the spelling of the text in the SMS.
  3. If you encounter other problems write to our SMS-Billing.

7) When there is zero votes in the rankings?

At the end of each month there is a complete zero votes, transitions, and estimates for the server!